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Data Loss Prevention
Secures confidential data and prevents the leakage of business secrets to avoid losses. Data-at-rest can also be scanned on endpoints and removable devices.

Seqrite Endpoint Security DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Module enables enterprises to combat data leakage threats by regulating data transfer channels such as removable drives, network shares, webbased apps & online services, print screen and the system clipboard. DLP also provides the ability to monitor sensitive data based on its nature and type. With this protocol, enterprises can monitor Office files, graphic files, programming files, confidential data, and implement customized user-defined dictionaries for data monitoring. 

With Seqrite DLP, enterprises can now accurately monitor data events in real-time and enforce security policies that are managed centrally. This helps enterprises to overlook the methods in which employee’s access and transfer crucial information. Moreover, enterprises can achieve this without disrupting employee productivity. DLP allows companies to counter data threats that originate from inside sources such as outgoing emails, Instant Messengers, web-based applications and USB drives. Additionally, enterprises can also block data leakage propagated by worms, Trojans and other threats.

  • DLP blocks all channels through which potential data loss can take place. These include, but are not restricted to, removable drives, network sharing, screen capture, clipboard, web-based apps, cloud storage services and email attachments.
  • DLP identifies Office documents based on their origin, or based on rules set by the IT administrators. This helps prevent sensitive information from getting copied via web apps or other sharing technologies.
  • DLP provides regular and timely user notifications so as to reinforce preset security compliance policies and to adjust user behavior as per the protocols in place. This enhances and solidifies security awareness training amongst employees.

Centralized Management And Visibility:

The Seqrite Endpoint Security centralized management console allows enterprises to enumerate DLP security policies and reports across numerous endpoints in scattered locations. DLP also has the additional benefits of bringing down costs by making security management as simple as possible, and of enabling sensitive data visibility across the enterprise. Enterprise customers can also access detailed security reports and audits via the inbuilt security infrastructure and management console. This integration with Seqrite DLP also provides event monitoring in real-time for enterprises and a centralized location for carrying out effective incident management. All these facets also give companies the option to easily collect statistics about data access. This detailed information can ultimately be shared with data auditors, network administrators and senior stakeholders within or outside the organization itself. 

Lowering Of Complexity And Cost Of Deployment:

Seqrite DLP optimizes complexity and reduces the cost of data security within the enterprise by integrating DLP features with the existing Endpoint Security solution. Serving as a resource friendly add-on pack, DLP allows you to seamlessly gain visibility over your confidential data and block potential data leakage through transfer channels such as USB drives, email attachments and other web-based applications. Furthermore, DLP add-on does not require any extra on premise hardware. The integrated Seqrite DLP solution enables enterprises to deploy security to prevent data leakage at a minimal price and with no more extra investment of time over and above that required for their traditional endpoint security solution.

*Note: Data Loss Prevention Module (DLP) is only available as an additional pack to an already existing Seqrite Endpoint Security Business or Total Edition.    

Seqrite Endpoint Security Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Datasheet

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