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Char Pmslink for up to 100 extensions.

Pmslink is a middleware software that integrates the telephone system (PBX) with any Propriety Management System (PMS). It is able to emulate different PBXs & communication protocols, so new integrations are quick & easy to be carried out. Furthermore it is very easy & simple to install. All you need is a fresh PC open 24/7, no dedicated server needed.

The product includes: 

  • 1 Year Maintenance (updates, upgrades & support), lifetime product licence & on-line installation to the end-customers-pc.

Integration with telephone systems (PBXs):

Pmslink supports by default several telephone systems (PBX), like: Grandstream™, 3CX™, Alcatel-Lucent™, Asterisk™, Avaya™, Cisco™, Epygi™, Ericson™, LG™, Matrix™, Mitel™, NEC™, Nortel™, Panasonic™, Samsung™, Selta™, Yeastar™, Siemens™

Supported features:

  • Call Accounting/Call Billing: For calls made from the rooms & administrative extensions. Increments are allowed for economic benefits.
  • Check In/Check Out: Allows or denies making calls from the rooms, depending if a Check In/Check Out has been done, respectively. Also, allows you to Block/Unblock extensions.
  • Name/Language Assignment: Guest’s name will appear in the phone’s display when a call is done to the Front Rest. Guest’s language may be sent to the PBX to show the information in the correct language.
  • Reminders/Wake up calls: Allows to set or cancel reminders scheduled from the PMS system. Notification for Wake Up calls not answered.
  • Room Status/Minibar charges: By dialing codes is possible the sending of Room Status codes (clean, dirty, …) and/or the sending of the Minibar charges, reporting such information to the PMS system.

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